A simplified Jabber client library

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Maintainer: tremble

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Last commit date: June 08, 2014 12:00

Description: Jabber::Simple takes the strong foundation laid by xmpp4r and hides the relatively high complexity of maintaining a simple instant messenger bot in Ruby.

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0.8.8 0.8.8

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rubygem-xmpp4r runtime 0.5 0.5.6

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1308098 rubygem-xmpp4r-simple: FTBFS in rawhide
1239980 rubygem-xmpp4r-simple: FTBFS in rawhide
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731337 rubygem-xmpp4r-simple-0.8.8-13.fc24
661300 rubygem-xmpp4r-simple-0.8.8-12.fc23