Cleaner re-implementation of acts_as_paranoid (ActiveRecord soft-delete plugin)

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Maintainer: slinabery

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Last commit message: Fix FTBFS in Rawhide (hrbz#1107191).

Last commit date: July 29, 2014 12:00

Description: Paranoia is a re-implementation of acts_as_paranoid ( for Rails 3, using much, much, much less code. You would use either plugin / gem if you wished that when you called 'destroy' on an Active Record object that it didn't actually destroy it, but just "hid" the record. Paranoia does this by setting a 'deleted_at' field to the current time when you 'destroy' a record, and hides it by scoping all queries on your model to only include records which do not have a 'deleted_at' field.

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