Net::LDAP for Ruby implements client access LDAP protocol

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Description: Net::LDAP for Ruby (also called net-ldap) implements client access for the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), an IETF standard protocol for accessing distributed directory services. Net::LDAP is written completely in Ruby with no external dependencies. It supports most LDAP client features and a subset of server features as well. Net::LDAP has been tested against modern popular LDAP servers including OpenLDAP and Active Directory. The current release is mostly compliant with earlier versions of the IETF LDAP RFCs (2251–2256, 2829–2830, 3377, and 3771). Our roadmap for Net::LDAP 1.0 is to gain full client compliance with the most recent LDAP RFCs (4510–4519, plus portions of 4520–4532).

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0.11 0.14.0

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rubygem-test-unit development 3.1.9 3.2.0
rubygem-flexmock development 2.1.0 2.1.0

Dependents: 2

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rubygem-net-ping 1.7.7 1.7.8
rubygem-ldap_fluff 0.4.2 0.4.2
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1275859 rubygem-net-ldap-0.14.0 is available
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731086 rubygem-net-ldap-0.11-3.fc24
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636665 rubygem-net-ldap-0.11-1.fc23