Small and fast replacement for ruby's huge and slow test/unit

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Description: minitest/unit is a small and fast replacement for ruby's huge and slow test/unit. This is meant to be clean and easy to use both as a regular test writer and for language implementors that need a minimal set of methods to bootstrap a working unit test suite. miniunit/spec is a functionally complete spec engine. miniunit/mock, by Steven Baker, is a beautifully tiny mock object framework. This is a compatibitity package for minitest version 4.x.y.

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rubygem-httpclient 2.8.0 2.8.0
rubygem-rmagick 2.15.4 2.15.4
rubygem-trollop 2.0 2.1.2
rubygem-json 1.8.3 1.8.3
rubygem-sanitize 2.1.0 4.0.1
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