An elegant, structured XHTML/XML templating engine

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Maintainer: mmorsi

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Last packager: Mo Morsi

Last commit message: Remove old hpricot/ruby_parser (html2haml extracted to seperate gem)

Last commit date: June 17, 2014 12:00

Description: Haml (HTML Abstraction Markup Language) is a layer on top of XHTML or XML that's designed to express the structure of XHTML or XML documents in a non-repetitive, elegant, easy way, using indentation rather than closing tags and allowing Ruby to be embedded with ease. It was originally envisioned as a plugin for Ruby on Rails, but it can function as a stand-alone templating engine.

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4.0.5 4.0.7

Dependency Tree

Dependencies: 6

Package Environment Rawhide f27 f26 Upstream
rubygem-nokogiri development 1.6.8
rubygem-sass development 3.4.22 3.4.22
rubygem-rails development 4.2.6 4.2.6
rubygem-minitest development 5.8.4 5.9.0
rubygem-erubis development 2.7.0 2.7.0
rubygem-tilt runtime 2.0.4 2.0.5

Dependents: 5

Package Rawhide f27 f26 Upstream
rubygem-asciidoctor 1.5.4 1.5.4
rubygem-sinatra-rabbit 1.1.6 1.1.6
rubygem-ammeter 1.1.3 1.1.3
rubygem-tilt 2.0.4 2.0.5
rubygem-gettext_i18n_rails 1.2.3 1.7.2
ID Title
910687 rubygem-haml-4.0.7 is available
1308033 rubygem-haml: FTBFS in rawhide
1239914 rubygem-haml: FTBFS in rawhide
1107133 rubygem-haml: FTBFS in rawhide
Build ID Title
730961 rubygem-haml-4.0.5-6.fc24
660932 rubygem-haml-4.0.5-5.fc23