RubyGems plugin for patching gems

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Maintainer: jstribny

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Last packager: Josef Stribny

Last commit message: Update to 0.1.6

Last commit date: June 22, 2015 12:00

Description: `gem-patch` is a RubyGems plugin that helps to patch gems without manually opening and rebuilding them. It opens a given .gem file, extracts it, patches it with system `patch` command, clones its spec, updates the file list and builds the patched gem.

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0.1.6 0.1.6

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rubygem-minitest development 5.8.4 5.9.0

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730939 rubygem-gem-patch-0.1.6-2.fc24
664281 rubygem-gem-patch-0.1.6-1.fc23
660926 rubygem-gem-patch-0.1.5-4.fc23