A Rails form builder plugin with semantically rich and accessible markup

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Maintainer: vondruch

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Last packager: Vít Ondruch

Last commit message: Update to Formtastic 3.1.3.

Last commit date: June 25, 2015 12:00

Description: Formtastic is a Rails FormBuilder DSL (with some other goodies) to make it far easier to create beautiful, semantically rich, syntactically awesome, readily stylable and wonderfully accessible HTML forms in your Rails applications.

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3.1.3 3.1.4

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1321430 rubygem-formtastic-3.1.4 is available
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730967 rubygem-formtastic-3.1.3-2.fc24
665069 rubygem-formtastic-3.1.3-1.fc23
660912 rubygem-formtastic-1.2.3-12.fc23