Ruby gem for all Amazon Web Services

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Maintainer: mfojtik

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Last packager: Fedora Release Engineering

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Last commit date: June 08, 2014 12:00

Description: The RightScale AWS gems have been designed to provide a robust, fast, and secure interface to Amazon EC2, EBS, S3, SQS, SDB, and CloudFront. These gems have been used in production by RightScale since late 2006 and are being maintained to track enhancements made by Amazon

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2.9.1 2.10.2

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rubygem-uuidtools runtime 2.1.5 2.1.5
rubygem-http_connection runtime 1.4.1 1.4.4
rubygem-xml-simple runtime 1.1.2 1.1.5

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913031 rubygem-aws-2.10.2 is available
1308009 rubygem-aws: FTBFS in rawhide
1239891 rubygem-aws: FTBFS in rawhide
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730853 rubygem-aws-2.9.1-4.fc24
660760 rubygem-aws-2.9.1-3.fc23