IsItFedoraRuby is a Ruby on Rails web application that keeps track of the Fedora/Ruby integration, especially the gem -> rpm conversion, documentation, and success stories.

Project history

The project was started in 2012 as a Google Summer Of Code project and later the same year was picked by several high school students for the Google Code In program. In 2014 it was again selected as a Google Summer Of Code project , the code got cleaned up to reflect changes in Fedora infrastructure and new features were added.

Open Source

The web application is fully open source, distributed under the MIT license.

Ruby Special Interest Group

There exists a Fedora SIG for people who are interested in improving the state of Ruby in Fedora. This includes packaging Ruby libraries and applications, setting and improving standards for packaging them as RPMs and maintaining Ruby packages for Fedora.

Packaging Ruby libraries and applications for Fedora is an ongoing process.



Every contribution, from bug reports to new features is welcomed. The source code is hosted on Github, feel free to hack it!

Become a Fedora packager

There is no better way to contribute to the Ruby community in Fedora other than becoming a packager.